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Here you can change the default language for the calendar. Users can override this setting to change their language.

Here you can define the time zone of the calendar.

Why do we need that? We need the indication of your country because some legal things are connected with it, eg when it comes to making a (voluntary) financial contribution.

If this is set, with your new calendar there will be added some demo data so you can see the functionality faster.

JW-TOOLS promises the confidential and responsible use of your personal information!

By using this website you agree that your details can be stored. This data will never be shared with third parties.

What we promise in detail:

The tool only saved data that you enter or that are necessary for the application to work. That concerns the persons details of you and other persons working with you. These details will never be shared with third parties.

On actions like booking a cart only additional informations are stored to the database that are meaningful, i.e. the date of the action. From this statistical data of your activity can be derived. However, this data will only be used by the coordinator(s) of your calendar and will not be shared with anyone else.

There are no third-party services installed to collect additional data. There is no advertising.

Passwords are encrypted in the reservation system according to the current state of the art and are therefore not readable by anyone.
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Here you can create a new calendar. You can do so just to have a look. A calendar can later be easily removed.

Enter the first user here. This user has overseer rights, so it should be the user that manages the calendar. Usually, this is the service overseer.